Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My first sip...

Growing up in a catholic family it was taboo to 'touch" alcohol so I never tried the stuff until I was 22 studying at University of Zimbabwe. My first drink was Bohlingers, a pale lager brewed in Zim with a crisp taste and barely any aftertaste.


  1. Your introduction reminded me of a conversation we had some years ago - at the SA Embassy in Harare- and you revealed your plans to go into wine making! Am glad you followed through - good on you mate!! Many a good story is lost because we don`t write books - Do make time to write your story, you can count on an at least two readers - my daughter and I!! Happy blogging!

  2. "stillwedance" you have an incredible memory, I am moved that you still remember our conversation. Thanks for supporting and encouraging me to write a book, I am going for it!!